June 11, 2024

By stringhandler

Developer Update

What is new?

Ledger Device support

Over the past few months, the Tari community has been working on integrating with Ledger. Unfortunately, Tari won’t be included in Ledger Live anytime soon due to its current architecture. However, support for using Ledger hardware devices with Tari’s console wallet is expected soon.

View Keys

PR #6353 enables view keys on Tari addresses. While this makes the address longer, view keys allow for more scenarios and open the door to potential lite wallets in the future. This upgrade will be included in the next reset of Nextnet.

Layer Two Devnet

The layer two (Ootle) devnet is up and running. This network is primarily targeted at contract developers and so, will have a fixed number of validator nodes to ensure stability. You can use the indexer to connect your asset vault. Additionally, a test Metamask Snap is available at this link.

What is next?

Launchpad stability fixes

Users have experienced several issues with Launchpad. The next version of Launchpad is nearly ready and should alleviate these problems. More details will be available soon.