May 05, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

New Tari base node binaries

New tari base node binaries have been uploaded to The main changes with these binaries are:

  • Update wallet to monitor Tx recipient for liveness and to resend Tx

Previously the transaction service would send a transaction once, directly and via store-and-forward, and then wait for a Reply from the Recipient. If the Transaction was lost it would never be resent and on the Sender’s side it would be a pending Tx until the client canceled it 3 days later.

This change updates the Transaction Send protocol in the Transaction service to use the Liveness Service to monitor the recipient for liveness with periodic pings. If the recipient replies with a Pong but has not sent the Transaction Reply message the Sender will resend the transaction to the Recipient in case the original send did not make it to them.

Future changes will apply this same strategy to the Recipient.

  • A more robust Runtime environment for Windows, installation instructions, and a new Inno installer script