January 28, 2022

By Byron Hambly

Dibbler testnet is live

The latest Tari testnet has landed!

This week the Tari development community rolled out the newest iteration of the Tari testnet. It is lovingly named Dibbler, and brings a host of upgrades.

There is also incredible and exclusive new swag in the TTL store. Check out the new mining tutorials to earn yours!

In the 6 months since Weatherwax launched in July 2021, the Tari codebase has seen a tremendous amount of work: 14 Contributors submitted 649 PRs consisting of new features, new applications, bug fixes, tests and other changes.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important enhancements.

Asset Registration

The structure of transaction outputs has been upgraded to enable non-fungible tokens. These outputs will register asset and token classes on the base layer, defining their metadata and validator committees.

These changes also enable the asset checkpoint functionality that will be used to record the periodic state of assets in all layer 2 sidechains.

The features are still an early proof-of-concept and will be improved and streamlined over the next several releases.


Covenants are a critical part of the digital asset picture. They allow the creator of an output to specify rules that will be kept and applied to outputs created from spending it. This enables functionality like ongoing royalties on asset sales and transfers.

New Emission Curve

Dibbler also comes complete with a new emission curve! This means the size of coinbase payouts are about 3x as much as they were in the previous testnet with a Monero-like schedule and tail emission. The base emission is 21 billion testnet Tari. The tail emission has been set to 800 Tari, which works out to roughly 1% inflation after the initial supply has been mined.

Validator Node

One of the new applications released in Dibbler, the committees of validator nodes will take on consensus duties in the various asset side-chains. They enable assets to be sold and transferred on the second layer, while committing their state periodically back to the Tari blockchain. Validator node is still a work in progress, with a lot more layer 2 goodies coming soon.


Another new application is Tari Collectibles. This is a cross-platform desktop application that will allow Asset Issuers to register their new assets and tokens, and mint NFTs on their asset sidechains.

Aurora Yat Integration

Last but certainly not least, Tari Aurora has been polished up and now supports native Yat integration! This makes it even easier to send and receive Tari when you link up your Yat to your Aurora wallet. Check out the other updates in v0.10 now!

Hack on the future of Digital Assets @ Tari

As always, come join us to chat about ongoing development in the dev channel on our Discord server, or on IRC in the #tari-dev channel on the Libera.Chat IRC network.